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V i d e o s  ( c o n t. )

Videos from Ricky's personal archive and other favorites . 

The Ricky McKinnie Singers

"His Eye is on the Sparrow" featuring Ricky's mother, Sarah McKinnie Shivers. 1992.

The Ricky McKinnie Singers

"Unchanging Hand" led by a young Ricky McKinnie, 1992.

Rock with Ricky Show

Clip from Ricky's local television show, 19xx. "Send the Holy Ghost Down" featuring Billy Bowers. Ricky on drums and vocals. 

Blind Boys interviewed on CBN

Jimmy Carter, Ricky McKinnie,
and Joey Williams, 2011.

The Ricky McKinnie Singers

Old Promo for The​ Ricky McKinnie Singers, 19xx.​

​​Blind Boys at Wood Songs

Ricky McKinnie leads "God Said It".​​

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